Abby Myers Word Processing, 5th Place

Abigail Huskey Personal Finance, 5th Place

Abigail Smith Global Business, 6th Place

                           Marketing, 7th Place

Adrian Perez Computer App., 4th Place

Aiyana Garcia Business Comm., 7th Place

                            Job Interview, 4th Place

Anahi Guzman Word Processing, 6th Place

Annie Lay Job Interview, 1st Place
                   Broadcast Journalism, 1st Place

Bailey McCarty Entrepreneurship, 5th Place

Blake Steidlmayer Sports & Ent. Mgmt, 5th Place

                                    Business Law, 9th Place

Briana Pinon Accounting I, 7th Place  

Casey Medina Global Business, 6th Place

                            Marketing, 7th Place

Chloe Ferraiuolo FBL, 2nd Place

                                 Personal Finance, 3rd Place

Christian Reyna Broadcast Journalism, 1st Place

                                Entrepreneurship, 5th Place

Cole Simmons Sports & Ent. Mgmt, 5th Place

Daniela Flores Parliamentary Pro., 4th Place

Diana Chavez Introduction to FBLA, 10th Place

Drew Bradbury Sports & Ent. Mgmt, 5th Place

Emily Cerney Intro. to Business Pro., 5th Place

Ethan Lay Business Calculations, 9th Place

Erik Wrysinski Cyber Security, 1st Place

                             Business Law, 2nd Place

Gabriel Manjarrez Intro. to Info. Tech., 7th Place

Helena Harris Hospitality Mgmt., 1st Place

                            Public Speaking, 4th Place

Holley Hickel Computer App., 2nd Place

Jaspreet Shoker Intro. to FBLA, 8th Place

Jessica Hickel Personal Finance, 9th Place

John Boeger Personal Finance, 1st Place

Kathia Silva Accounting II, 6th Place

Kaylie Gwinup Parliamentary Pro., 4th Place

Kelsea Whiting Creed, 1st Place

                              Broadcast Journalism, 1st Place

Lily Woodring Intro. to Business, 10th Place

Lucian Manor Business Comm., 2nd Place

                            Insurance & Risk Mgmt., 6th Place

Mackenzie Thompson Business Calculations, 10th Place

Maddie Koregelos Entrepreneurship, 5th Place

Makayla Frias Intro. to Public Spkg., 2nd Place

Manny Morales Business Calculations, 8th Place

                               Accounting I, 9th Place

Mason Saso Mgmt. Decision Mkg., 5th Place

Nick Price Spreadsheet App., 3rd Place

Pablo Barrera Mgmt. Decision Mkg., 5th Place

Reese Roper Spreadsheet App., 6th Place

Renee Wrysinski Intro. to Business Comm., 2nd Place

                                 Intro. to Fin. Math, 2nd Place

Sophia Stocks Hospitality Mgmt., 1st Place

                            Business Comm., 9th Place

Sophie Keenan Impromptu Speaking, 1st Place

                             Agribusiness,1st Place

Tim-Alex Mercado Hospitality Mgmt., 1st Place

Tyler Moss Computer App., 3rd Place

Victoria Madrigal Global Business 6th Place

                                  Marketing, 7th Place

Yisel Miramontes Parliamentary Pro., 4th Place

                                  Mgmt. Decision Mkg., 5th Place