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Competitive Events


The National Awards Program, also known as competitive events, recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. FBLA competitive events also prepare students for successful careers in business by providing opportunities to apply classroom concepts in a workforce-simulated competitive environment. 

Preparation Resources

If you want to advance from the Section Leadership Conference to the State Leadership Conference or even Nationals, it is important to study and prepare for your event. Here our some resources our chapter has compiled to help you!

Practice Tests

National FBLA has made sample tests and case studies available for all events. You can find them at this link.



Our officers have compiled a list of Quizlet sets for each event. This list is available in our FBLA Google Classroom.


Competency Lists

The national office makes a full list of what is tested in each event available. If you want to create your own study guide, these lists are a great resource that will help you know what to include. They are available at this link.


National and State Websites

More information about competitive events is available on the National FBLA and California FBLA official websites.

Below are two PDF resources that contain a full list of available competitive events as well as lots of other valuable information about participating in them.

Competitive Event Guidelines

Image by Andreas Brücker

Getting Started with Competitive Events

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